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3 Residen Progress | August ’10

Last weekend i visited the site to see the latest progress of 3 Residen. Since 1 month ago, there are a lot of changes especially on the facade of the buildings. Both blocks have reached the top floors and as i mentioned in my last post, they have start to install the window glass to the unit.

The guard house and entrance statement of 3 Residen can be physically seen in the pictures that i have taken on site but it is still not 100% completed.

Some part of block B have been painted with dark blue just like what have been illustrated by the artist in the brochure. At this point of time it does look promising and hopefully the finishing will be just as good and with less defect.

Here are some of the photos that i managed to take on site. Enjoy :)

3 Residen Progress – August 2010

Block A

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  1. looks very beautiful…

  2. Brother, when will the keys be handed over to the owners?

    • according to the sales people, they will hand over the keys maybe end of this year or early next year. but looking at the progress, i think it would be more logical if we get the keys early next year.

  3. Okay. So you bought which unit? Planning to do any renovation before moving in?

    • i bought type b in block a.

      yup.i plan to do renovation before move in. already surveyed few places for costing. there will be homedec somewhere in september or october. maybe u can check there.

      u plan to do any renovation and which unit u bought?

  4. I plan to do up the kitchen and build-in cabinets. Eyeing for homedec. Do blog on what you find at the homedec and whats ur plan for ur unit.

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