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3 Residen Progress – December 2010

Happy New Year to all of you. Would like to share with you guys on the progress of 3 Residen. I went to the site last week to see the latest progress of 3 Residen and some of the major things that I noticed on-site is the landscaping works in 3 Residen.

3Residen Landscape

They have also installed full glass window on the ground floor of Block B.

3Residen Landscape Block B

The signage of 3 Residen had also been installed right next to the guard house.

3Residen Entrance

3Residen Guardhouse

The windows to the main lobby in Block A and B had also been installed. Just waiting for the roof to be installed at the entrance of Block B main lobby

3Residen Lobby

Landscaping works at the podium level can also be seen in the pictures below. They have also installed the playground facilities at the podium level.

3Residen Pool

3Residen December

Block A of 3 Residen @ Melawati

3Residen Block A

Block B of 3 Residen @ Melawati

3Residen Block B

Looking at the current progress i believe the delivery of keys will be delayed for at least another 2 months. Meaning the soonest we can get the keys in March 2011. That is my prediction but if they can deliver earlier than March than it will certainly be a good news to us.

They still need to do some touch up on the facade of the buildings that includes plastering and painting the exterior for a few more layers. And some cleaning needs to be done to clear all the dust from construction works. For owners i think we can start to save some money for the renovation works.

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  1. wah!excited!

  2. bersinar-sinar mata tengok rumah yang bakal siap tu, lagi bersinar-sinar tengok cek nuffnang kat email..
    tp, kat post ni, tak de lak gmbr cek nya yea?
    wansiti recently posted..Tips Merawat Demam Kuning Pada Bayi- Tips untuk contes qalishcom

  3. hi….i’m one of the future owner of 3 Residen..kecut perut jugak nk pindah ni…sbb confirm duit mcm air….hahaha….i dah start savings dr last year lagi…..huhuhuhu…..i hope its worth buying…..Amin…

    • @nada: the area has potential ditambah pula dengan tanah yang semaking kurang dalam urban area. capital appreciation akan ada. which unit did u buy?

  4. Just a heads up, trees along the roads near the condo have been put up. Road works completed as of yesterday.

    I think it is just some painting works to be done from now on. WIsh that it will be mere superficial works left.

  5. wohooo…dup dap dup dap $$$

    • @shahril : minggu depan ada electrical appliance exhibition kat sunway kalau tak silaplah. boleh jenguk2 barang letrik kat sana :)

  6. 3 Residen tinggal 2 unit available utk dijual.
    Tapi these units are already booked. Cuma awaiting loan approval. Salah satunya tingkat 14. Harga RM598,000 utk saiz 1389 s.f. Kiranya okaylah untuk beli.

  7. Bad News:

    Called up my sales agent. He said the property will only be able to be handed over by April 2011.

    Well seems that they are delaying it from one month to another month. Do wonder what is holding them up.
    Anybody knows about it??

    • A bit weird lah this Sime Darby. They keep delaying the handing over of keys. I guess i need to start preparing my letter to claim LAD.

      They also started giving instructions to the guards not to let people enter the site. Kinda weird considering that they are slow in their works but have the guts not to let the owners enter the site. Mcmlah like we want to steal anything from the site. Stupid decisions by Sime Darby and the contractor.

      For those who want to claim LAD can send me a message so we can submit together.

      • Salam, do include me when you plan to write the LAD. I signed the S&P sometime august 2007. They also promised me a 10k kitchen voucher, tapi itu Negara property, tak tahu la sime will honor or not. Can t seem to find the paperwork for that.

        • md noor, i received a letter from sime mentioning that they are trying to hand over the keys by april 2011. that should confirm that we might get the keys in april 2011.

          bout the lad, i’ll let u know when i want to submit the claim. bout the rate if i’m not mistaken should be 10% per annum from the selling price. roughly should be about 2k ++ per month depending on the selling price.

          i think i have the letter bout the kitchen voucher and also the progressive interest rebate. will let know when i manage to find the letter.


          • Thanks, actually I have forgotten all about the progressive payment rebate. I vaguely remember something about that.
            Have moved around quite a bit since buying the apartment and my paperwork all over the place!
            Thinking off coming back to Malaysia and hence am glad the place is coming up nicely!


          • mdnoor, dun forget about the free aircon unit too :)

  8. Salam en Admin,

    I signed my S&P on the 8th Aug 2007 and am currently working out of the country. What do you think will be the LAD? I read that someone is quoting sime to get it to us by April this year.

    Anyways, if you plan to send in the lad , do include me in the plans. Also, when I bought my unit from Negara prop all those years ago, they promised a 10k kitchen voucher from ikea. Unfortunately can’t seem to find any documentation to verify that. Anyone got a black and white for the same?


  9. Wow, I didn’t get the kitchen voucher.

    Nice one…..well hope you all get your LAD. I bought mine last year. So can’t complain.

    Well seems work is quite slow nowadays.

    Good luck to us.

  10. As’kum,

    Ada sesiapa berminat nak jual ? Boleh PM harga and details of your unit to my email, jeppsem at gmail dot com. Saya bukan agent. Terima kasih.


  11. Hi, Great work on this website with the photos Will you have a new update for January and February with photos?
    Terima kasih

  12. Takde news baru bro?

    • arief, not much news yang ada cuma hari tu ada received letter from sime darby saying they will try to hand over the keys paling cepat hujung mac atau awal april.

  13. I’m a buying a unit there. I’m currently renting nearby. New Progress show painting jobs almost done. They had also start plantings outside the condo area. New project also launched nearby by Sime, just beside the road access to 3 residen.

    • Congrats amir on your purchase. your unit is in which block? welcome to 3 residen

      • I’m on block B. I saw so many cars around 3 residen on friday and saturday 26 n 27 march. Anyone why hv idea what happening there? In addition, I saw most job now is cleaning. Look at the gym. They had also removed the cover of gym equipments. We shud expect key to be handed over soon.

        • 26 n 27 march or february? if u talking about today , not sure why there a lot of people on-site. maybe some people checking on the progress :)

  14. Hi all,
    Saturday and sundays will be packed with ppl from KLFA.
    Football training days. So have to bear with it every weekends.

    En Amir, I heard from my sales advisor that the prop is fully sold out. So you must be the last few. Which unit you are buying?

  15. Yes, when i bought there only type C left n penthouse. i went there on monday chit chat with workers there. On saturday n sunday actully officers coming for inspection for cf approval. Officer will be checking again on monday 28. the worker mentioned that usually after 3 days inspection. The project will be declared completed. He expect key can be handed over mid march. I being told that they have even filled the swimming pool.

  16. actually, u check the sime website. It prominently state that 3 residen is fully sold

  17. Any news of handover?

    Not much work is being done currently. Should be handing over soon.

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