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3 Residen Progress – November 2010

It’s been a while since i last update on the 3 Residen progress. Some of the major changes on-site is the completion of the road connecting to 3 Residen and the installation of perimeter fencing.

3Residen view from the field

Most of the building facade have reached 85% completion and needs some minor touch up and paint job.

3Residen parking podium

As you can see in the picture above is the parking podium and ground floor of Block B. You will noticed that they have installed trellises at the parking podium.

3Residen Swimming Pool

Picture above shows the podium level which has the swimming pool facilities and a nice view of the KL skyline.

3 Residen Perimeter Fencing

They have also installed the perimeter fencing and the pedestrian walkway is nearing completion.

3Residen Blok A

Block A of 3 Residen

3Residen Blok B

Block B of 3 Residen

3Residen Entrance 2

3Residen Entrance

They have also started to put some trees and building the porch to provide entrance cover to Block B. The mirror for the guardhouse have also been installed.


3Residen View

3Residen Access Road

The road leading to 3 Residen, pavement walkway and grass planting along the walkway have also been completed.

Looking at the current progress most probably they can finish everything in January 2011. Then maybe we have to wait another 1-2 months to get the CF. I’m assuming maybe we can get the keys in February or March 2011. Everything will depend on how soon Sime Darby can get the CF from DBKL.

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  1. nice review bro 😉 ehehhe

  2. I think it’s very easy for Sime Darby to get CF from DBKL cause of its reputation.
    Well we must wait for another 2 month for our key hehehe.. Good news!!

  3. bro, thxs for the update

  4. tak lama lagilah kan?mesti tak sabar niii………..

  5. Harap dapat masuk within 2 months time…need to prepare some dough for the reno works.

    Just for your infor…block B seems to have renovation works done on the first two floors. Full glass windows. Hope that it is the gym room.

  6. wow…tak sabar rasanya nak tengok rumah baru….nak tumpang swimming pool boleh?

  7. tapi kenapa gambar no 1 macam senget je?siap dah ade retak2?selamat ke bangunan ni?risau plak……

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