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3 Residen Progress – October 2010

3 Residen have been progressing well for the past 1 month. Most of their work for the past 1 month have been concentrated on the upgrading of roads, drainage and pedestrian walkway outside 3 Residen. They have also installed the lamp post at the edge of the road.

Road and pedestrian walkway in front of 3 Residen

3 Residen Access Road

They have also started working on the installation of glass panel on the ground floor of Block B.

3 Residen Block A Ground Floor

Below is the picture of Block A

3 Residen Block A

Below is the picture of Block B type C

3 Residen Block B

This is the close-up photo of the guardhouse from three different angles. You can see that there is an entrance to the carpark facilities next to the red pipe. The three standing feature wall should be the entrance statement of 3Residen. We can also see PV8 condo Taman Melati at the back of the picture.

3 Residen Guardhouse

3 Residen Guardhouse Block A View

3 Residen Guardhouse Block B View

The overall view of 3 Residen

3 Residen Oct Progress

Hopefully they will be able to complete all their infra works outside 3 Residen in November. Looking at the progress they should be able to complete by end of this year or January 2011. But to get the keys we may need to wait a little bit more coz there is the process to get the CF.

For those who bought early, you may want to start calculating on the LAD for compensation coz of late delivery.

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  1. look like 70%

    Terkini : ENTER
    suffer8zine recently posted..Mulut paling lebar didunia

  2. mesti tak sbr nak move in kan :)
    Mama Zharfan recently posted..iphone 3G up for grab!!! click on the banner!!!

  3. xlama tu bro..pas tu leh wat knduri msk umah k.. ee suzie lk excited ni..cm best jer.tp tingi..gerun..waaa
    suzierahman recently posted..Suzie Kurus Tapi Kepala Besar

  4. wah..tak lame dah leh duduk..so xcited :)

  5. i’ve been waiting for 3 years to move in..so am not really hoping on the compensation :)

    Sime darby,
    please lah siapkan on time..

  6. went to the site and it seems not much progress. Loads of rubbish at the open car park.

    Rectification being done on the fascia of block B. Seems like a lot more of work to be done.

  7. HI, Has anyone checked the latest progress in December 2010?
    Have you received next progress biling yet?

  8. last progress billing received was in november. Next progress billing is for the road works.

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