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HOMEDEC September 2010, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

The next Homedec will be held at the same venue, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. But this time around they have divided the exhibition into two parts, the first part from 23 September 2010 to 26 September 2010 and the second part from 30 September to 3 October 2010. The first part will focus more on the design and the second part will focus on furnishing.

I believe this is the first time they have separated design and furnishing for the exhibition. From my last visit to Homedec in May 2010, they combine the design and furnishing in one exhibition for 4 days. Basically Homedec is the best place to do survey on home furnishing stuff because everything is under one roof. You can really save a lot of time and fuel rather than going hunting for the home furnishing stuff at several locations.

Whether the price is cheaper than outside, i think it depends on the product. I have been surveying few places for kitchen cabinet and have compared the prices between several shops before i went to Homedec. After a tiresome process of finding the right kitchen cabinet, we end up choosing Rowenta that we found at Homedec. We simply chose Rowenta because we like the materials on display and the price is reasonable compared to Signature Kitchen and other kitchen cabinet suppliers.

For this coming Homedec, we plan to go there again because our sister in law is planning to renovate her house and needs to find kitchen cabinet for her new house. Since we have the experience going to Homedec before, maybe we can help her and guide on the things that she needs to bring to Homedec.

For those planning to go there, there are few things that you need to bring to Homedec.

1. Please bring your home layout / floor plan if you plan to do kitchen cabinet, built-in wardrobes or renovations / refurbishment using interior designers. Your home layout will help them to come out with quotations so that u can compare with other suppliers. Do not compare only on the prices coz some suppliers may use different materials and include additional accessories in the quotations such as soft hinges and etc. Choose the best overall quotations that gives you value for money.

2. Please come early and don’t bring your kids coz you will be busy negotiating prices with the exhibitor and discussing with your partner which supplier to choose. We have to come twice for the last Homedec because we don’t have enough time to survey all the exhibitors.

3. Bring enough cash or just bring your credit cards to pay for the deposits.

For me, Homedec is really the best place if you plan to do any renovations or refurbishment for your house. You can get everything from electrical appliances, audio visual equipments, kitchen cabinets, built-in wardrobes, sanitary fittings, doors, windows, alarm system, contractors and interior designers.

Even if you haven’t receive the key for your under construction property, you can still come to Homedec and do your survey and get some quotations. If you are satisfied with the quotations, you can just pay the deposits and locked the price for the kitchen cabinets and etc. You may never know when the price will go up. Me and my wife have even engaged the kitchen cabinet supplier and interior designer from the last Homedec for our house even though we haven’t received the key yet.

If you are too busy to do survey for your renovation needs, then Homedec is the best place to go.

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  1. wowww…sure dah byk ko survey kan bro…
    i bet u will start the renovation once receive the key..eheheh..
    for my part, nothing been done yet..huhuhuhu..pening2

    • biasalah benda baru kan, mesti excited. huhu. tu yg terlebih rajin gi survey awal2. tapi homedec mmg worth kalau nak pegi. banyak pilihan and senang nak buat perbandingan. tak payah bazir masa pusing satu kl gi survey harga :) yg pastinya memang akan rambang mata. rasa gatal je tangan nak beli. hehe

  2. tu aaa mmg rambang mata…tp partner @ wifey tgh muntah2 uwek2…mmg x best laa survey sorang2..ahahaa…
    tp takpe..abg ipar aku contractor..dia boley buat renovation hehehhee..;)

    • kalau abg ipar contractor, sure leh dapat lagi murah. hehe. kalau nak survey kitchen cabinet, hujung minggu depan boleh pegi sbb minggu ni theme homedec ‘design’. next weekend baru ‘furnish’ :)

      uwek nak dapat anak ke bob?

  3. wah…nie mesti dh berabes survey nie kan2..best tue!
    tiefazatie recently posted..KL Urbanite First Giveaway Contest

  4. mr admin, i am glad that u have mentioned that “WE” plan to go there AGAIN..hehe..yes!yes! HOMEDEC2010, here we come! :)

  5. me pernah sekali pegi homedec ni..thn 2008 or 2009,ingat2 lupa plak…me beli water heater (shower)
    mama zharfan recently posted..sticky post RM100 jd taruhanjom cuba nasibclick jer banner kat bwh ni

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