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If I Were The Green Hornet

If i were the Green Hornet i will learn how to think like a criminal to enable me to stop crime. To think like a criminal you have to watch a lot of movies, read a lot of books and be one of them. You can call yourself like an espionage who lives a life of a criminal to haunt them one by one. If you know what they plan to do, than you will know what to do to stop them.

Don’t forget to make friends with the police so that I can get good support from them if I need them.

Most of the criminals out there is stereotype. They are using the same modus operandi. They are not that brilliant and not that creative. If you know how to think like a criminal then you will have a better chance to stop the crime. You will always be two or three steps ahead than the criminals. You just have to be smarter to catch this criminals because this criminals are not that smart.

No need to have super power friends because they do not exist. Super power friends like superman only exist in fantasy land.

To get a closer peek on how to stop crimes from happening, you can watch The Green Hornet at cinemas near you from 27 January 2011.

Good luck fighting crimes.

Green Hornet

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  1. Aritu Jai ada jumpa ada orang wat kontest pasal ni, x terjoin sbb x kreati.. Kang org baca mau tergelak golek2..hu3
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  2. Lupa lak nak tanya.. Kat sidebar blog bro ni guna shoutbox ape yer? Menarik je sbb nampak simple…
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  3. green hornet…..cool…love cameron diaz

  4. I thought the movie was exceptional, not your typical super hero movie. The comedy and having Seth Rogen star in it mad it all the better. I also liked that it wasn’t a movie that needed CGI to make it work, that was a big seller for me.

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