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Vacant Possession of 3 Residen

Finally the wait for our keys is over. We received letter of vacant possession from Sime Darby to collect the keys of our unit at 3 Residen. We are among the first batch of owners to receive the keys and other owners might get the keys in batches. To the other owners, no worries. Some of our members here told that the keys handing over will be in June or earlier.

So now, let the pictures speak for itself :)

3Residen Swimming Pool
Infinity Swimming Pool at 3 Residen

3Residen Pergola
Pergola at swimming pool

3Residen Blok A
Podium level and Block A

3 Residen Landscape
Landscaping at podium level

3 Residen Landscape Podium
Garden at podium level

3Residen BBQ Pit
BBQ pit at podium level

3Residen Playground

3 Residen Wading Pool
Wading pool at 3 Residen

3 Residen Changing Room
Changing room

3 Residen Multipurpose Hall
Multipurpose hall

3 Residen Foyer
Foyer – 3 Residen Type B

3 Residen Living Hall
Livin hall – 3 Residen Type B

3 Residen Kitchen
Kitchen – 3 Residen Type B

3 Residen Bathroom
Second bathroom – 3 Residen Type B

3 Residen Master Bedroom
Master bedroom – 3 Residen Type B

3 Residen Guard House
Guard house view from corridor

3 Residen Top
View from corridor


I can say that the workmanship is good for my unit. Waiting to test the water supply and see whether they will be any water leakage. Although they have handed the keys to us but they are not allowing us to use the facilities eg: playground, gym , swimming pool. Cleaning works can be seen everywhere at 3 Residen. That’s the reason why some owners might get the keys in June. Lift facilities will also be shutdown in the evening. It’s not convenient to move in yet.

So i’ll use this period to ask the designer to come out with a proposal. I’m planning to start renovation later this month. I have started surveying the price for electrical appliances and furniture. I have been hunting from Permata to Ampang and there are few places that offer me good price. If any of the owners would like to join me, please inform me so that we can ask for bigger discounts.

Looking forward to meet all of you in person and together we create a great neighborhood :)

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  1. Nice update, bro. Thanks. :)

    The views and photos are amazing. Hopefully Developer will do more on the lobby later ( at least some good sofas and nice table for patrons and waiting guest).

    I saw the gym (at block b) from outside, Some facilities already installed. Not sure how comprehensive, but sure some basic stuffs already there.

    I think the night views gonna be even better when all the lighting on. :)

  2. Thanks for the photos ! until June? that’s a long time to wait ! ….well we can only be patient now…great photos ! yeah, now let the fun begins to decorate the house ! :)

  3. June?bagus gak..so that i’ve got more time to save more money…;) last weekend i went to perfect living at pwtc…i surveyed for the kitchen kabinet.the cost is roughly RM16k…but that one package dgn wardrobe for 3 bedrooms….is there anyone who can get cheaper than this?

    • i think for rm16k should be ok. last time i check on wardrobe using anti-jump system about 2k-3k per wardrobe.

      what type of material they offer for kitchen cabinet in that quotation? if using high gloss should be more expensive than melamine and using solid surface will further increase the price. hehe

      homedec will be held end of this month. maybe u can go there to get bargain price. i bought my kitchen cabinet there :)

  4. Agreed with your view.
    Homedec offers better pricing.

    I have locked in last year. So the price is different.

    Well am quite unfortunate in terms of vacant possesion.
    Yet to receive the keys but hoping they will be handing it over by this month.

    :) Nice pics.

    • thanks. i can see many units still in the process of cleaning. maybe that causes the delay in the handing over of keys. no worries. by june they will release the keys to all units :)

  5. since i’m only getting my key somewhere in June..i better wait for homedec…no harm kan…. :)

  6. Wow! It looks really good. I bought my unit only last year, does it mean I will have to wait to June?
    Great work on the site, you are a talented photographer.
    Terima Kasih,

    • From what i heard, keys to Block B will be the last batch released to owners. Most probably u have to wait till june but if they can finish cleaning up earlier, you might get the keys early. no worries :)

      thank you for your comments :)

  7. Any latest pic of your beautiful unit?


    • That’s all i got at this moment. Since everything have been completed not sure to post what pictures anymore. hehe.

      Currently we are at the design stage of our unit. Maybe i’ll post something on renovation guidelines :)

  8. Nice unit you have! I have collected the keys for my unit, type C. Ok, let’s go shopping – would like to buy appliances too.

    • Thanks. I’ve already surveyed few places. shops like Harvey Norman can get really good price if they are having clearance sale. Normal price item not recommended to buy there.

      Please share if you find any good bargains out there :)

  9. Cool.
    Renovation guideline would be interesting.
    Your design and your contractors plus pricing would be good. Should be good to share as all of us will be doing the samething.

  10. Hi, i’m also in the mids of kitchen appliance shopping. Need to confirm whether it is allowed to have ducting type hood (where need to punch hole thru wall). Some property management don’t allow that and tenant hv to go for carbon filter type. Thanks..

  11. Can’t wait to get the keys :) we bought ours early 2009 so maybe within these few week we’ll get ours. Thanks for updating us with all the photos.

  12. Thanks for your photos update. I’ve been to three residence almost every week to check on progress but was not allowed to enter into the condo area. I bought April 2010, I might hv to wait until june for my keys.

    Just saw the Quarza design…wow the concept is great. Look at the design, Sime could push to price to RM600psf, which good for us.

  13. Dear owners of 3residen,

    I am a real estate agent specialize in 3Residen. I would like to offer my service to any interested party to buy, sell or rent a unit there. Please feel free to contact me @ 016-373 8080 or isaacleowwc@gmail.com

    Thank You

  14. Bro, takde news?

    • not much news to share except that all facilities have been opened and can be used by residents including the gym and aerobic room. i also saw 1 young expat family looking at one of the units at 3 residen :)

  15. Did Sime Darby pay the late delivery to the first batch? kayalah uolssss…..
    when can the first batch move in?

    • They did pay the penalty and it is a good amount :) The first batch can already move in but i dun see anyone moving in yet.But i noticed few units already under going renovations :) Maybe in june we can start seeing people moving in to their units :)

  16. wow!enjoy!……mesti rumah cantik, semua baru….. :)
    for grill, is there any standard design? like my house now, developed by SP Setia, they only allow 2 designs for the grill….is sime darby applies the same?how much u have to pay to get the key?deposit for water and electric bills?

    • they have standard design for grills. they will give u a copy of house rule complete with guidelines on renovation and moving items (furniture, etc). u have to pay almost rm1k for the water and electric deposits. i will be starting with grills and u can see the workmanship after they have finished it. if u like then u can appoint him to do for ur unit :)

  17. Abg Admin, i just received my vacant possession letter recently. it stated amount that i need to pay for deposit which almost 1k. same as like wut u said la kan but i also need to pay “late charges amount” close to rm400. apa kah ini? normally late charges ni kene bayar to the bank. tp this one kene bayar to sime. pelik jugak ni. u have any idea abt this? thanxx

    • congrats hafiz for getting the keys.

      for your question, i think the late charges is meant for the late disbursement from the bank to developer. normally if bank failed to disburse money within the stipulated time to the developer, u need to pay penalty/interest to the developer. i would suggest you to check with sime and see whether the late charges is caused by your bank. if so, then try to negotiate with sime since it is not your fault that the bank failed to pay on time. gud luck hafiz

  18. how much is the minimum and maximum cost for the grill? materials and finishing?

    • based on my survey, the price ranging from rm9 to rm15 per square feet. i managed to get grill using wrought iron painted with white solid color at rm9 per square feet for windows and rm13 for doors. total cost is about rm3,500 for the whole house. this is the best offer i managed to find so far and too tired to search other places. in 2 weeks time they should be able to install it :)

  19. i bought mine in August 2008.. until now i hvn’t received any letter for handling over..is this typical to those people like me?

    • i think by june you will be getting your letters coz i’ve heard few more buyers have been receiving letters to collect keys :)

  20. ooooooo….quite expensive….for grill, we can only use in-house contractor kan?

    • we can appoint contractor from outside to do the grill. if i’m not mistaken there are no in-house contractor. u can actually hire anyone that you like. but have to follow the design that the architect have come out. grill is a bit expensive but if u want to cut cost maybe u can choose cheaper material and do the grill for foyer only.

  21. just now i check with sime, the latest news, those Block B will only be getting their key in July 2011…

  22. I’m bought a unit in block B. I always check with Sime. Initially, they told me end 2010, then early 1Q, after that March, then May. Last time I checjed with them they told me before year end 2011. Terible!

    • i’m not sure what’s holding them from delivering the keys to other owners. just hope that they can deliver it asap so that u can all move in before raya

  23. latest news! yesterday, checked with one of their sales officer, Lim and he told me that i will get my keys around mid or end of July…which is which? he also not so sure…..waitlah kan……..

    last sunday, when i do my routine, i nampak one unit at Block A, dah pasang lampu…is it yours?….facing swimming pool……..

    • maybe by end of july u will get your keys.

      that unit in block A is not mine. mine is type B. i was told that owners have started to move in to their unit :)

  24. Kind of weird since their main polcy for contractors all risk insurance will end 31 June 2011. Not sure whats going on but if I were Sime, I will cut my cost by handing over in June.

    If anyone have any news about whats sime is doing, do tell. I can’t see whats being done.

  25. noted on your concern, they seem to be not in a rush to hand over the keys. i have received my letter from sime and despite them promising they will call upon final payment by the bank, i had to call them again to find out that the payment went through last week. if not another berjanggut days to wait..

    • have you collected your keys? sometimes we have to call for follow up to know the status. if not they will forget. but so far they have been helpful in my case

  26. I have collected my key on 2.6.11. Block A. The management say all keys will be released by next month, so before Raya

  27. Hi everyone. Good to read this blog.
    I called Sime 1 month ago and I was informed that i shall get my keys in August. My unit is Block B Type B. Im on of the last buyers my SPA is end of last year.
    They told me that there is a lot of internal issues to settle before handling over.

    Hmm…i cant wait to renovate my unit cos we just got married and currently squatting with my sis in law!

    But the pictures here look great!

    • good to hear that. i was planning to do some posting on my renovation progress. if you are looking for good contractors to do your grill, kitchen cabinet and etc you can always refer to us and other neighbors who have renovated their units. maybe you can get good price if we recommend them to you. can save you time and money doing the hunting :)

  28. I dont think we can move it by raya. When is the next home dec? Anyone knows?

    • i think the homedec maybe will be at the end of this year but not sure coz nothing being put on their official website.

  29. Mr Abby, you don’t need to just look into homedec. There are event like Home Deco Expo, Perfect Livin’ exhibition and many others exhibition. Together, there always been this type of exhibition every month. I have few event this year just for surveying. Don’t know yet when to strike since i’m not sure when I’m getting my keys.

  30. Mr Admin,

    I went to 3 Residen last weekend. being ambushed by two contractors looking for customers for renovation work. Sadly i’m yet to receive my key. Can you please share with me your contractor’s contact numbers as looking for the good ones can be a bit overwhelming. I guess I have to start looking for quotations now while waiting for the VP letter.

    Do you have any photos so far on your unit renovation progress that you can share with us ?

    Thanks !

    • do not worry hisham. i think u might be getting your keys soon enough. starting to get a quotation is a good idea. as soon as u get your keys u can start finalizing the details with the contractor. my unit just started renovation. so not much picture to show but i’ll post it here when it is ready.

      how extensive will you renovate your house?

  31. Just received a letter delivery of vacant possesion today. but a whopping 5K on the late penalty due to my bank disbursed the first loan almost 2 months late. I bought only last year so the amount due for the first progressive payment is already 70% of the property price. So when the bank take their own sweet time to disburse, the 10% penalty is imposed. I will be checking with sime if it can be negotiated or even waived. Anybody have a success story negotiating with the developer on late penalty charges?

    • have u managed to reduce the penalty amount? i have the same experience before when i purchased a property that almost completed. then the bank charged me for late penalty. i only able to reduce a little bit of the penalty by writing a letter to them. it’s unfair that we have to pay the penalty because of other people lack of competency to do their work. but nothing much can be done since it’s written in the agreement that u sign. that’s why i always call and remind them to do their work so that they won’t forget

    • 5k is like woww! u can negotiate for discount on the amount that u need to pay to sime. what u need to do is pay the whole amount first to get the key and then write an appeal letter to sime. if not it will take ages before u can get your keys. wait until sime decides and calls u. wait n wait n wait je la. what to do. hehehe

      but dont let ur bank go off easy. hammer them just like wut i did and get the bank negara form to complain…

  32. It almost July. I also need start find contractor for renovation.

  33. Me too! Im so clueless as to where to start though.

    But at the same time im desperate to have my own place already!!

    • maybe u can start finding good contractors to do your unit. word of mouth would certainly help a lot. it’s not worth finding cheap contractors but not able to deliver the products with excellent quality

  34. guys, im planning to install window grill but im confused with the master bedroom window due to its design. how to install grill like that? any ideas? it also helps if you can recommend me any good contractor for the grill. the grill is just for child safety..seriau man tengok bawah from that huge window..bederau darah…

    • i’ve installed grill to my unit including the windows at master bedroom. if u would like to see the workmanship u can come to my unit. i rate the contractor as reliable and easy to work with. they charged about RM9 per square feet for windows. they have a big factory in Seri Kembangan. be careful when choosing grill contractors because sometimes they are just middle man and might run away with your money. better deal directly with those who have their own factory.

      • great bro. if like that then let me know your contact number thru my email. will get some ideas how to pasang grill at master bedroom. thanks a lot ya!!

  35. Hi Abby,

    me too…i’m desperate for my own home in KL. I had move house more than 3x this yr alone!!!

    If you still looking for ideas, how about walk around the home deco exhibition. There will plenty of ideas/contractors/interior designor around. For month of July, there are two such exhibitions: 1. HomeID and Deco expo in PWTC 7 – 10 July, 2. Modern Home Fair in Mid Valley Fair 15 – 17 July.

    Good Luck!

  36. do hope you can share the grill contractor contact.

    • u can contact him at 0169202939. just mention my name ishak and say u from 3 residen.

      • Can i contact him using your name also. I just received letter for vacant possession today. Oh Gosssh….my late penalty is RM5,500.

        • sure. u can use my name. he will usually come with the catalog and do the measurement. then he will give u a quotation based on the measurement and also type of material used for the grill.

          sorry to hear about your penalty amount. that’s quite a lot. hope sime will consider to reduce the amount since the late payment is beyond our control. the banks and lawyers should be accountable in this situation. they are the ones who are not efficient in their works. we have to pay the price for their incompetence. so unfair

          • Yes, ishak you’re right. I received vp letter today. I just meet the bank rep before lunch. They agree to investigate. I will know the result between 3 to 5 business days. Thanks for my company’s compliance manager that previously a lawyer who deal with this matter before.

        • Hi Amir, may I know how did you resolve your late penalty? I was charged RM6K plus and I just got the bank to pay for it and got VP.

          As consumers, we should stand up to our rights. The bank was extremely shoddy in dealing with this and avoiding payment at every chance. I’m now making claims from the bank for lost rental income for the delay caused by them Stupid bank service!!

          Please email me if you want to speak to me more on this.

      • Bro, we’ve just collected our keys last Friday. Can I also use your name for the grill contractor? I guess it’s easier since the contractor is already aware with the rules and guidelines, furthermore the price is quite reasonable. We are from Kuantan jadi it will also safe our time to look for a good one. Tqvm bro. Farah

  37. Has anyone been successful in their appeal for the waiver on the late payment interest? I just got my VP notice yesterday and similar to Ida’s case, near 4k of interest was charged :(

    I’m totally upset over this.

  38. anyone want to sell their unit?
    I want to buy one for my family.

  39. Yup, i got 2K late payment penalty. Not much, but still annoyed with the whole things. I already instructed my lawyer to investigate (not expecting much, as it could be due to Lawyer office itself, Financier- 3rd party outsourced by company to manage the staffs loans).

    Im very dissapointed with the way Sime Darby managed the handing over of the vacant possession, rebates and now penalty. They choose to delay the key handover as far as they can, “forgot” to deduct/return the discounts/rebates as promised and now trying to squeez every single sen frm buyers. And pls dont remind me on how far the completion date hv been deferred.

    Ready to disseminate the info to all staffs through my company’s intranet, for them to be extra careful. Petronas staffs used to put high regards on sime darby properties. At least some shud know the game especially for young staffs just started to buy a new house, be it at Sime Darby or anywhere else.

    Just my honest expression. No ill intentions.

  40. Salam bro ishak, I would like to ask if u have any contact for aircond installation. Tqvm :)

    • at the moment not yet. belum install lagi. if i have one i’ll let u know

    • i have found a contractor who can do concrete wall coring for aircond installation. the price is considered cheap. only rm80 per hole. i have appointed him and his friend to do the aircond installation. if you haven’t appoint anyone yet, i can share with you his number so that u can compare with other contractors

      • Bro,

        The aircond point is not part of developers’ responsibility?

        I thought already have 3 points?

        Can you email me your number? Can have TT just for more info sharing.

        Will be getting my keys in few days

  41. At last, I’ve got the letter from SD…but before i can get my keys, i have to pay around 5k plus?!no! i dont want to pay event 1 cent because of their fault! will complain to BNM and also will report to Tribunal Pengguna. I would rather wait than pay them the free money! No way! SP Setia still the best developer in Malaysia.

    • same for me. my penalty is also 5k++. I miss jauhari hamidi when he was CEO of Sime. everything are so much different back then. I agree with you SP setia is in different class altogether. Just got invitation with ex SP Setia’s mgt for buka puasa. Maybe could ask from their experience on penalty. how to handle this thing. btw…SP Setia and Sime has s/thing in comment. Their major s/holder is PNB…

    • same for me. my penalty is also 5k++. I miss jauhari hamidi when he was CEO of Sime property . everything are so much different back then. I agree with you SP setia is in different class altogether. Just got invitation with ex SP Setia’s mgt for buka puasa. Maybe could ask from their experience on penalty. how to handle this thing. btw…SP Setia and Sime has s/thing in comment. Their major s/holder is PNB…

  42. yesterday, received a letter from SD. the second appeal was not approved. my husband cannot wait….I have no choice. so, will pay them….no wonder their in the big mass right now…..selalu tindas orang…mmg i tak halalkan duit tu…well i think SP Setia still the best in their own league…unfortunately they have no more projects in Ampang. really? maybe you can share with the rest of us after you check with them on penalty…

    • Hi Nada,

      I have break fast with SP Setia. They mentioned to me on their side late penalty is not an issue. The sales people will liase with bank directly during the disbursement of loan. Therefore, usually they didn’t charge the penalty to the buyer. That what we call professional.

  43. hi, i m owner for type c and juz got the key. may i know that the yard must be include with the louvers? can we put thr glass window instead of the louvers? thanks

    • the management doesn’t allow any material except louvre type for foyer and yard area. this is because they want to control the facade of the building. this would also contribute to the standardization of the design and prevent the area to look ‘rojak’ from the outside. some of the owners including me have installed the louvre window. if u want the contact no, i can give it to u

  44. thanks. by the way can i know around how much window louvers for the yard and also foyer. Afraid after putting it no much sunlight :)

    • the cost is about 2k+. i notice that the sunlight is quite decent even after installing the louvre. most probably bcoz of the open concept layout from the architect. if u want, u can come and view it at my unit to get the feeling :)

      • Hi Bro…

        U mentioned RM2K+ for louvre. Any specific number becoz I’m being quote RM2,400. Whether ur price cheaper than mine?

        • sorry for the late reply bro. based on the price, mine should be cheaper than yours. to be exact the price is about rm2100. the material used is powder coated aluminium. so far i’m satisfied with the quality. u can sms me to get his number.

  45. I managed to get it discounted by 20 days – about 2K+. Still have to pay about 2K. Partly my fault for not monitoring the delay in the disbursement of the fund to the developer. Anyway, have settled this and finally got my keys and move on with my unit. Now furnishing the unit.

  46. Ida, can you please inform the rest how long it takes to get your discount and to whom you contacted.

    My situation is worst than the rest.

    :( but hoping it will be discounted. Is it standard that they charge 60 days after the date of S&P?

  47. Dear Owners,

    i had my keys with me. however, i feel so upset, cheated and exhausted with SD. when i went to my unit, i’m so surprised when i found out that rumah sampah is in front of my unit..:(:(:(….i bought the most expensive unit but the rumah sampah is in front of my house?…l’ve spent my hard earned money to buy this house, but i feel so stupid right now……not only my sampah but also others people sampah?! what the hell man? who is this stupid architect?! the sales people never mentioned to me about this rumah sampah. therefore, i would like to call others owners, who are in the same boat with, lets work together, meet some where, to discuss about this!im sure your sales people also never mentioned about this rumah sampah? ini bukan rumah flat tau! for Block A, the rumah sampah will be near to type c right? as for blcok B, the rumah sampah is in front of type A, the most expensive unit! can u imagine that, when your relatives in your house, you open the door, and your jiran nak buang sampah?! the very last thing you want to see, all the rubbish, have to pass by my house in order for them to throw theirs>?! what the hell man?! dahlah i’ve to wait for 2 hours to get my keys!i told my husband, this will be the first and last we will buy from them! im sure the rest will be agreed with me. saper nak tengok org lalu dpn rumah nak buang sampah? so, for owners of type C at Block A, and type A for Block B, lets work together. i hope administrator can help me with this…

    • u really look upset. sorry to hear bout your problem. what kind of help do u need from me? i would suggest to have a TT session and gather other owners so that we can brainstorm to find solutions.

  48. Hi all,

    Just enquiring, since quite a few of the home owners have lodged their defects claim with SD, is there any claims of defect for the general area? For example, swimming pool (a few small tiles chipped off underwater), and also the barbeque area’s roof seemed to have bent a bit under the heavy weight?

    And of course, selamat menyambut Hari Raya to admin and my Muslim neighbours!

  49. can u post your mobile no at my gmail? nnt i suruh my husband call u..lets work out from there…rumah u x dekat dgn rumah sampah ke? i tak tahu lah architect ni belajar mana, yg tukang approve pun bodoh! we’re very upset, i dunno for the rest..kalau u lah, u nak ke rumah sampah dkt dgn rumah u? when i check with them, dieorg kata, takpe cleaner ada..helloooooooooooooo!!! meh sini aku letak tong sampah dpn kau, the i will say the same thing to them, nak ke? u nak air2 sampah tu tumpah dpn rumah u? and the worst thing was, the sales people never told us about that! if we knew ofcourse we will change…i dah x excited nak pindah dah..:(

  50. I have major concern on the tiles they have installed…its a BIG defects for me.. the tiles were not even, and also some of it were not same color. I’ve lodged complain to SD, and still waiting for their final decision. I’ve requested them to change the whole tiles at my living hall to have the same color. Fyi, i’ve received my keys early July..and until now decision has not been made. Last time I’ve met SD + main contractors was 2 days ago.

  51. It seems that we need a community website.

    I propose that the management of SD to check all grouses via the website.

    Easier for them and us right?

  52. First of all, Selamat Hari Raya & Merdeka too future residence of 3R!

    I have an inquiry on the parking bays provided. Is it true that some of the units only come with one parking space? Or all units are given 2 parking bays? I heard that if you sell one parking space will cost RM18k. That’s a lot to save (if you don’t need extra). The thing is, me & partner are planning to purchased from 1st owner & we have the feeling that he’s selling off one parking space to give us a quite reasonable price.

    To Nada: Alamak, mmg betul2 depan sampah zone ke? Coz the one that we are planning to buy is Type C @ Block A :(. I believe the garbage area is covered right? Since there’s only 6 units per floor. Just hope that the neighborhoods are clean & hygiene people lah! (Nak sodap kan hati ni). Ishh I better take a serious look before committing to any agreement!

    But if ade rezeki mmg nak get a place there. Had fallen in love with the showroom @ first sight!

    Keep me posted!

  53. Hello,
    I have not received my keys yet. Mine is type A1 and Block B. When I called them (Simedarby property) up in April, they said that I’ll get the keys in August. But it’s now September. Anyone else still haven’t received keys yet?

  54. I am thinking that it is crucial to have a committee already.
    Grouses from residents are piling up.

    What say you?

  55. hi,

    agreed. since we might be busy with open house and etc..maybe we can meet up early oct? ok tak? this house mcm over priced! not up to my expectation!

  56. Tuan admin, bila nak TT?

    Leh jugak kenal2. Saya dah ambik kunci. Nak dapatkan petua dan tips dalam buat claim DLP.


    • i will be doing open house this saturday (24/9/2011) at 3Residen Poolside Area. every owner are welcome to join the open house. nanti kita boleh TT di sana. masa open house from 1pm – 7pm. maybe we can discuss dgn detail pasal any enquiries yg bro ada. dah ada owner lain yg dah inform that they will attend the open house :)

  57. Zeti Natasya & Fakhtiar Azim

    Salam n hello to all….We are from Unit A-7-1, still under renovation, Insyaallah will be moving in by Nov.

  58. I’m catching a flight this saturday for overseas trip. I still have time to stop by at your open house. See you this Saturday!

  59. Azura:

    Mine is Type A, Block B. u keluar je lift, straight to my unit, at your right hand side, there is one room and they named it “Tempat Pengumpulan Sampah”! hahahaha……….when it comes to RUBBISH, i dont think Malaysian is well educated! whatever it is, they must remove that *&^% rumah sampah…….i felt so stupid buying this kind of kondo…even my existing house pun x mcm tu….even the price x sampai 200k….
    i think yours pun dkt dgn rumah sampah…..better you have a look first…
    for Block A, mmg only 1 parking lot, only for Block B, 2 parking lots….

  60. Salam and Hi to all,

    We just got our key yesterday. Can wait to do reno and moving in.

    Much appreciated if friends could share with us on contact numbers for – ID, eletrician, grill, cabinet and wardrobe.

    Hopefully we can get good price.

    Our unit is B 5 2


    • salam nora. congrats for getting ur keys.

      i would highly recommend rowenta for kitchen cabinet. i’m satisfied with the workmanship and material. other owners who have come to my unit also admire their design. u can call them at this number 0377279727 and speak to anne. just mention my name ishak so that u can get a good price.

      if u r interested i can email u other contacts. u can also call me if u want to know anything bout the reno process

      gud luck

      • Hi! Im getting my kitchen done by lifestyle kitchen TTDI. They gave me quite good price for a peninsular, including solid surface top and compressed melamine from europe. Nego for sink and tap as well..everything less than 15K :)
        Got a quote from rowenta also, anne was helpful and gave good price but i liked this particular material from lifestyle kitchen better.

  61. Our unit is A-6-3, tp we all dtg sekali sekala je, nnt free boleh come over n get to know each other. Tqvm bro :)

    • kalau dtg just give us a call. nanti i share my number through email. kita boleh chit chat nanti. when do u plan to move in?

      • We’ve moved in. But we permanently reside in Kuantan. My husband frequently visits his clinic here that’s why we bought this unit. Some weekends we’ll be around mcm twice a month :) Tqvm for the contacts you’ve shared with us.

  62. Dear Admin,

    I need an opinion on storage water heater.

    Have any of u guys installed one in the master bathroom? Or just instant water heater? Im hesitating to get one installed in the master bath cos worried of lack of pressure and long time taken to heat up the water. Im looking at Joven storage water heater right now…anyone who has installed one…could pls share whether the quality is good? Any problem with low pressure or long time taken for the water to heat up??

    My unit is B-7-6….tak pernah bumped into any other owner on my floor pun…..mcm tak ramai dah pindah into Block B….we are targeting to move in by Dec. Now doing the wiring soon and plaster ceiling..any one from Block B just holler :)

    • my unit ada pakai storage water heater tapi x igt brand apa. so far nampak ok. water pressure pon kuat.

      block b i think not many owner moving in yet. block a dah ada quite a few owners yg dah pindah. u must be bz right now dgn renovation. dec tinggal 2 bulan je lagi. must be excited kan waiting to move in.

      • Hi..thanks for the feedback.

        Do u mind letting me know on the brand and also…

        paling penting…does your water stays warm in the morning from the night before? or do u have to switch on the heater early in mornings to get hot water..

        both my husband and i not morning persons so we really mind if i have to wake up an hour early just to switch on the heater to get hot water all over again…. ha!!

        Thanks a lot :)

        • Abby,

          From my experience, it usually takes about 10 minutes to get hot water. I’m getting one for the master bedroom, price is RM 560.00, Ariston brand.

          • hi low. thanks for ur feedback. have u installed urs? did u have to hack the mosaic tiles or the wiring is ready in the storage space in the ceiling?

  63. Salam and Hi to all 3R owners,
    We are from B-5-1 and got our keys last month. Bumped into this forum when I was searching for photos of 3R. Thanks Ishak for the photos captured, very nice :) tq for all the feedback given in this forum, they are very useful now that we all are busy renovating our units.

    The feedback on the cost to install the grill made me realised that the contractor we met at the lift to the car park are overcharging us. He quoted the louvers for foyer and back yard RM3,400 and the whole unit RM2,700. Is that reasonable? He is from Tong Construction & Renovation. The drawing he provided us on the kitchen cabinet is phatetic, unprofessional. If anyone has done your kitchen for type A and is satisfied with the workmanship and price, appreciate if you could recommend and allow us to view.

    On the hot water tank for the master bathroom, I received a quote from one of the contractor for RM900 including installation of Joven brand. Not sure if the price is reasonable.

    Salam to Nora Bakar, we are just next door neighbour and hope to bump into you one of these days :) and to Abby, Nada and Kamal; we are not far apart.

    • Hi Aida,

      I saw that Tong guy also, and he gave me an unprofessional quote too. He looked fishy so i decided not to get him or any contractors hanging around at the guardhouse for the matter. They are like stalkers.

      RM 900 must be a large tank.

      Im looking the smaller one yang about 500-600 bucks only.

      My kitchen is from lifestyle kitchen TTDI but havent installed yet.

      I saw 2 other units on my floor (7th floor block B) already started with renovation. Im having my wiring and plaster ceiling done this week.

      Cant wait to move in!!

      • Hi i’m from 10th floor block B, I got my keys before Hari Raya. I’m looking to move in this week or next week. For those who just started renovation, you can find a lot of things around Batu Caves.

        To be honest RM900 quote is not that expensive if you input installation cost. I get mine at slightly above RM500 but installation cost me another RM250.

        Water tank, grill or door everything, you can find a shop called Jankah at Batu Caves.

        Even for electrical items, such as airconds also I bought at Batu Caves, all the lightings, kitchen cabinets (not less than 10 shops) there. I still believe shops at batu caves give me cheaper price than anywhere else.

    • Sometimes in-house contractor ada yg charge mahal because dah lalu byk tangan. semua dah mark-up siap2. better be careful with their price :)

  64. Salam,

    I see 2 neighbors from the same floor here, ours is B-5-6.

    I agree that the louvers & grille seems expensive, same goes for the kitchen cabinet, the ones i have viewed are very simple and does not reflect the price quoted. i believe the contractors at 3Res have come together and set a market rate for all the units, so know one will go lower than what they agreed on together. That is just my opinion.

    I’m having someone over this saturday to quote on plaster ceiling, general quote was RM 2.80 per sqft, not including wiring, will update more info once i have it.

    Water heater, from what i have looked around, Joven – 25liters – RM 550 (installation +RM 170), forgot to ask for the other sizes as well.

    Hope the above might help..

    • Welcome to the 3R community. hopefully lepas ni makin meriah when others start moving in. If u want tips on renovation process and numbers for contractor i can give u. memudahkan our neighbours yg baru nak start renovate

  65. Hi, I am still looking for contractor to do some renovation.. Has anybody heard about LSC construction Sdn Bhd? or has anyone use them for your house renovation. They guy seems ok and helpful.. I just need feedback from you guys about the company. How’s their work etc?

    • Never heard before of LSC Construction. But if u want to see my unit feel free to come. My unit A-5-5. Just ring the bell bila sampai :)

  66. Hi to all 3R owners. Great to hear that most of you are settling down well!

    I actually just got my keys although I received notice from SD to collect VP mid June this year. Some of you I think have faced a similar problem as well. I was charged a late payment interest of RM6.3K for late disbursements by the bank. I chose Kuwait Finance House as my financier as this was also recommended by the SD sales person. However, they had their own issues and being knew to retail and consumer banking, they had big problems making disbursments on time. The first disbursement took 3 months plus, which resulted in SD charging me late payment charges.

    I took issue with SD as they were the ones recommended this financier to me and they couldn’t work together with their banks? However, I wrote in to SD asking for a waiver, and they revised the charges to RM4.2K. I have already brought this issue with the bank asking them to pay and they have been dragging this thing for long with many excuses. I eventually wrote a formal complaint letter to KFH Complaint Unit and BNM and immediately the next day, the released full payment for the reduced late payment charges. So guys, I didn’t pay even a single sen on the late payment charges.

    I think those who were charged late payment interest should make a direct appeal to the bank. The bank has a responsibility to work together with the developer and issue payments on time. You can contact me on my mobile if you want to speak more to me about this. I’m willing to help to teach the reckless banks a lesson!

    Just for your information, I’m now in the process of claiming lost rental income for 4 months as the whole thing caused a delay in me taking delivery of my VP. Hope to be able to update you all on that soon.

    To the rest, happy moving in and looking forward to getting to know all of you soon!

    • Wow. Congrats shyam for being able to make the bank pay for the penalty. i think this info should help a lot of our neighbours to solve the late payment penalty.

      • hi ishak aka admin,
        can me and my husband or dad visit your unit?
        we really would like to get ideas from your grille.
        did u have to hack ur tiles to have the water heaters fixed? esp if i were to put instant water heater in the 2nd bath room. i dont want to have to break the original mosaic tiles but thinking of having the pipes concealed.. so a little unsure here..
        and is there wiring ready in the ceiling of master bathroom for storage heater?


        • it won’t be a problem if u want to visit my unit. tapi kena bawak buah tangan lah. hehe.

          u can install storage water heater in the master bathroom coz they have provided the wiring and piping for the storage water heater. but for the 2nd bathroom u need to hack the mosaic becoz u have to install the piping for the hot water and also the mixer. then u can conceal the piping underneath the mosaic. it will be a bit costly coz u have to hack a little bit and plaster back the wall. if u want to cut cost then maybe u can just laid the pipe on the wall and put casing to hide the pipe. hope this helps :)

          • I think for the 2nd bath, most would prefer to install an instant water heater, which we are doing for our unit as well. Its hassle free, the most u need to do is take out the existing head and connect to the water heater supply, drill a few holes to hang the heater and shower head. But you’ll get two exposed hoses (One supply to heater, another from heater to shower).

  67. Ishak kindly leave your number in my gmail :) tqvm

  68. May i know how much you guys were quoted for installing grille at the front entrance, mine is type B… but i guess all 3 types hv the same dimensions.

    Would appreciate if can provide contact no as well for the person who installed ur grille.


  69. Hi all.

    Just one question, would SD bank in our renovation deposit cheque?
    3k seems sooo expensive! im so reluctant to part with that kind of amount
    right away !

    Please share thanks!

    • Agree with Abby, i did ask the sales person during key handover, she told me they will bank in the cheque, but again would like to have feedback from anyone else who done their renovation..

      • i have completed my renovation and have moved in to my unit. to answer your question, yes, sime darby will back in the cheque. u can only claim back your money after sime darby have checked your unit after the renovation is completed.

  70. hi all, I am planning to buy a unit here, receive an offer for 510k for smallest size ,lower floor come with a car park. is that a good deal?

    • i believe someone managed to buy type b @ RM540k from subsale. i think u can try and survey other units. maybe u can get a better price :)

  71. Tuan,

    Louvres dekat drying yard install tak?

    nak cari supplier…dapat quotation RM3k


    • alamak, asal mahal sgt bro. aku punya rm2k jer utk foyer dan yard. sekarang maybe harga mahal skit dr harga aku dulu tapi tak mungkin sampai rm3k. if u want i can share number kontraktor. kalau nak murah lagi, minta org pasang grill tolong potongkan railing kat foyer.

  72. Agreed

    Forward the number please

    Appreciate your help.

  73. wanted to know if you have plaster ceiling installed? How much were you being charged?

    A quote I received, they charge RM35 for wiring and installation of downlight. The plaster is kind of okay. But to hack, wire and retile the mosaic for water heater costs RM180.

    Mind boggling to me

    • Hi. Actually u dont need to hack wire and retile the mosaic for water heater as the wires are already installed in the ceiling. U just have to pull it down. Hope this helps.

  74. Had a chat with ken. Still at 3k price. Thus ended up doing it.

  75. bro. i`m interested with your grill. can i have some pictures for it? If possible, i want to see your Interior design too bro. Thank you.

  76. Hi there,

    One of my main door key is kept by the management so they could come in and repair CRM defects. That was in July. Until now they havent completed my defects repair plus this morning i realise somebody entered my unit and stole my personal belonging!
    Called Zatul and Encik Ardi, was told a guy named Nik is looking after the keys. I dont trust them.

    Any one has same experience???? do u guys give ur main door key for the management to keep and enter anytime to repair defects??

    They deducted my deposit in split second, but CRM defects not repaired and plus no letter to guarantee our unit will be safe and how they keep the key.
    Im very very upset!

    • i did gave them the keys when i was renovating my house. my advise is to make sure you don’t have any belongings in the unit. but if u must put any of your belongings in the unit, try to put it in one room and locked the room. that’s what we did. none of our things were stolen. in fact they were kind enough to open the doors for me to let my vendor delivered items for installation whenever i was unable to go to the unit. i think the management people is quite helpful but sometimes their hands are tied coz some of the decisions needs approval from their management.

  77. Sorry to hear. If anyone have any contacts to call up to complaint, please do forward. I would say we need a strong community. Sime is not doing anything.

    • i think is about time we gather to get to know each other better. i’ve been living here for almost 5 months but i rarely known people who lived in this area. even during the apartment functions being held in 3r i’m not sure who are the residents. maybe a small bbq session among neighbors is a good start so that we can meet up and discuss issues/problems so that we can raise to the management.

  78. Been so quiet with the thread here….any updates bro?

    I would like to inform that the contractors are making good of all complaints in my unit.

    • not much updates except for lpg applications is now open to the residents. have you moved in? last week one of our neighbors organized her sons birthday party. seems more people started to move in to their units :)

  79. Hello do you know when they will open the pool cafe and convienience store?

    • i have no idea. i dun think they will be opening in the near future coz there is not much people living here. most owners here are still looking for tenants.

  80. Yet to move in. The rectification works already at 90% completion and already moved 90% of my stuff also.

    When can the owners join-up and form the joint management committee?

    • the developer should call the meeting first. perhaps it is a good time to request them to call for the meeting since it is almost 1 year from the delivery of vacant possession. when do u plan to move in?

  81. Hi..

    Did anyone receive a letter from management proposing to increase maintenance fee? Are we forced to commit or its merely a proposal..

    • yup. i received the letter. looking at the letter they are going to enforce it. but i think we should use our rights to discuss on the ‘reasonable’ fee required from owners to maintain the building.

  82. Bro. Any news on the fee? Did you write in to request for discussion? I have talked to one of the management staff. Seems that they have done lot of stuff to reduce the cost but not able to reduce.

    Propose that we should request management to call for a meeting or dialogue.

  83. Hi,

    I think I saw you but didn’t managed to say hi.

    I am kind of pissed by the explanation and what transpired from the meeting.

    Anyway……next meeting will be JMB formation.

    Should have a website or community page to gather all the community of 3 R

    • it’s a good idea to have a community page. right now we have one at fb. try search the 3residents owner and we will add you to the group. btw next time if you saw me tegur je :)

  84. How’s the occupancy now? Looking for a unit there but prices are so expensive?

  85. Any chance that the new maintenance fee be reviewed? They should not charge the new maintenance fee when the occupancy is less than 1/3

  86. Anybody here is letting go of their unit?

  87. Hi want to check the price for grill and louvers.

    I got quote of rm1.9 for front door grill only. How much did u guys pay?

  88. Hi all,

    I Had been looking at 3R coz of the serene environment and surroundings with greeneries. Like to hear from owners here if the stay has been good so far as well as the security nearby? What’s the occupancy rates at this point?

    Appreciate any comments for my reference :).

    P/s : do you know of any good units available for sale? I prefer those facing the forest and size of 1206sf.

    Thanks much in advance!


    • so far there is no issue bout security. the occupancy rate is around 60%. the living condition is also a bit calm and peaceful if u choose to live in units fronting the forest. but the downside is you have to pay high maintenance fee coz this is a low density development. but good thing bout low density is you do not have to share the facilities with many people. easier to use the gym, swimming pool and bbq facilities. i’m not sure whether there is any owner willing to let go their units but if the offer price is good they might consider. how much you willing to offer for 1206sf unit facing the forest? i might ask around and see if any owners want to sell. you can skip the agents fee if you buy directly from owner.


  89. zafarul asyraf

    salam,admin website , saya zafarul asyraf unit a-2-1, nak tanya fellow penghuni 3R ade online group?

    • Kita ada fb page utk owners.sy baru je approve utk u join our 3r owners group. Welcome to the neighbourhood

  90. salam..bro!!
    just check out your blog..and find that u r searching for designer to renovate your house, is it?if u still searching for designer..then i’m interested in throwing in some ideas for u..fyi, i’ve been in architecture n interior industry since 2002..graduated from UITM with B. of Architecture..
    anyway..if u do interested..please let me know..0193118499..thanx!

  91. any idea who want to sell their units?
    i wish to buy a unit for my family.

  92. thanks for the offer but i already have a designer. maybe for my next property i’ll give u a call :)

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